Published December 1, 2014

Jessica Reyes

-Paradigm Coach
-Private Trainer


Originally From: Santa Clara, California

Athletic Background: Collegiate softball and soccer athlete

Nutrition: Everything in moderation. I primarily eat anything you can
find in the perimeter of the grocery store.

Training: 3-4 times per week CrossFit and 3 times per week Bikram

It all started when... Ronny shut down his bootcamp and I was told to
look up CrossFit on youtube. My first video was one of Camille
LeBlanc-Bazinet doing some heavy OLY lifts and dropping the weight. I
wanted to do that. My first WOD was Trevor with a Twist.

Certifications: CrossFit Level One

Favorite WOD: Any Chipper!

Favorite Lift: Anything with weight overhead. Jerks, Presses, OHS

Ninja Skill: Bench Press & Burpees

Nemesis Skill: Pistols

CF Idol: Lindsey Valenzuela

Choice Cheat Food: Wings or Nachos

When I'm not CF-ing... I am a mother to an amazing guy, Derek. I work
full-time in a mental health facility and am in a Doctoral program
specializing in Special Education.

I coach because...
Why not? I love the progress. I enjoy seeing the excitement to crush a
workout and the community around those who are struggling. I love the
"ah-ha" moment and the huge smiles on people's faces when they get
something they felt would never happen. I love seeing the struggle, I think
it's a powerful place to be. What I love most about it is seeing where they
go with it and how much drive and motivation there is to overcome. It's
amazing what people accomplish on a daily basis. The gains are not only
physical. The gains are mental and they are definitely emotional,
confidence and self-worth become evident and translate across arenas. At
the end of the day, I feel satisfied to know I helped in some way to
facilitate movement in a positive direction.

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