Published December 1, 2014

Melody Miser-Varghese

-Paradigm co-Owner and Head Coach -Panther Program Director

Originally From: San Juan Bautista, CA

Athletic Background: not much! I’m proof that a non-athletic person can CF! A bit of gymnastics in Junior High, and Cheerleading in HS!
Began CF: Casually during the summer of 2008. Officially in January 2009!

-B.S. Kinesiology 
-CF Level 1

-CF Level 2 

-CF Level 3 

-CF Kids


Favorite WOD: “Nancy” and “Annie” (with GHD of course!)
Favorite Lift: OHS
Ninja Skill: Pistols 
Nemesis Skill: Heavy DL
CF Idol: Julie Foucher
Choice Cheat Food: Ice Cream!
I eat... mostly Paleo. I focus on choosing quality food (organic, grass-fed and locally produced as much as possible) in balanced amounts. I incorporate some “non-paleo” foods such as dairy, sweet potatoes, and sometimes sprouted grain bread. I eat smaller amounts throughout the day rather than large meals.
I train... with training partners as much as possible! I CF 5-6 days per week, generally following a 3-on, 1-off, 2-on, 1-off pattern. At least 1 day a week I do a double day. My rest days usually include running or Bikram yoga.
When I'm not CrossFitting... I love to do anything outdoors in the sun including hiking, laying out at the pool or beach, surfing, wakeboarding, (and I try to suck it up in the cold for snowboarding). I love to travel. I like to play the piano, read, and do artsy projects. 
I coach because... I love teaching. I am passionate about health and fitness and it is a privilege to share other’s fitness journeys, witnessing their milestones along the way.

Although an avid CrossFitter now, if you had suggested careers for Melody growing up, a coach/trainer would have seemed the most unlikely on the list. In High School, 10 page papers sounded more appetizing than running a mile in PE. Despite the lack of athletic involvement growing up, she was no stranger to hard work. Summers usually included backpacking along the John Muir trail, and there was always more than enough labor to be done on the farm. 

Melody first decided to start exercising in College, mostly as a means to avoid the dreaded "freshman" weight gain. What started as a mission to run a mile without stopping turned into joining the College Cross Country team, and then signing up for a half marathon. Lifting weights in the college gym became a late night study break routine - and she fell in love with it. As a passion for exercise and fitness began to develop, she decided to take a Kinesiology course as an elective - and it was a fit. During her studies, she served a Physical Therapy intern in Antigua Guatemala, and received her B.S. in Kinesiology in Dec 2003 from Westmont College of Santa Barbara. 

After graduating and spending some time traveling and surfing in the South Pacific, Melody took several long-term substitute teaching jobs, including a position teaching Junior High PE…how ironic. After finally taking the advice of friends seriously to try working in the fitness world, she started as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in March 2007. It was here that she learned the basics of working with clients 1-on-1 and began taking various certifications. However, she was unsatisfied with the philosophies and boring routines the certifications promoted. Around the same time that she started to desire to leave the globo-gym world, she attended the 2008 CrossFit Games in Aromas. As she watched the crazy girls throwing up even crazier weight in the dust, she wasn't quite sure it was for her…but her curiosity was piqued enough to try a workout. The conversion process took her to Brethren CrossFit in February 2009. From there, it didn't take long for the functional training to take her performance to a whole new level, and for the competitive nature of the sport to seal the deal for her. CrossFit methodologies took over her own training and the way that she coached her clients and boot camp members.

Just a year later, she competed in the 2009 Games back in Aromas, and in 2010 in Carson with the Brethren Affiliate from Morgan Hill. Fueled by the incredible athletes of the sport and the positive influence of the community, she became Level 1 certified in October 2010 and CrossFit Kids certified in May 2011.

After much planning and searching, a dream became a reality as she and her husband opened Paradigm CrossFit in South San Jose in October 2011. She has been surprised over and over again by what she has been capable of within CrossFit and it has taught her a lot about commitment and confidence. Never settle for less - desire, believe, and don't look back!

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