Published December 1, 2014

Ronny Varghese

-Paradigm Owner and Head Coach

Originally From: Chicago, IL 

Athletic Background: Highschool football, basketball, and volleyball. Lots and lots of bench press during those days. 

Nutrition: I eat it all.... except fish, yuck. In my defense, I'm allergic. I eat a lot of good quality fat,, meat, veggies, and minimal starchy carbs, some fruit, little to no sugar. 

Training: 3-4 days a week

It all started when... I did my first workout "Cindy" at 24 hour fitness... and I got more sore in my legs, arms, chest, and back in 20 minutes of exercise over 3 days of 2 hour workouts. From that first workout, I knew the effectiveness was something that all my clients would appreciate and come to love. 


- CrossFit Level 1

- CrossFit Level 2

- CrossFit Level 3   (1 of 36 in CA)

- CrossFit Mobility

- CrossFit Nutrition

- RockTape PMT L1





Favorite WOD: Cindy, she was my first.... ;) 

Favorite Lift: High volume cleans

Ninja Skill: Double Unders and Handstand Pushups

Nemesis Skill: L-Sit 

CF Idol: Mikko Salo 

Choice Cheat Food: Ice cream, all day. 

When I'm not CF-ing... First and foremost, being the best husband/father I can be. I dedicate time daily to education and improving my mind. Part of that is trying to get out in nature... As such, I love outdoor activities such as snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, catching (trying) waves at the beach. I do not have a lot of "free time" and when the opportunity presents itself, I like to vegetate every now and again just to balance myself out. 

I coach because...
I have had many, many jobs in my life. All before the age of 19, when I found personal training. I've done everything from working at Chuck E Cheese to telemarketing sales to serving at chain restaurants... whenever I got a job, I'd always look for "what's next?" and go get the next 'cool' job... but when I helped my first client change their life, I knew I found my calling in life.


My life's work is about being the best coach I can be. I know now that if I can help change your life, then I can help change your family's life, and your whole family tree underneath you. Local communities can be effected by a single person's health and fitness progress. I love watching someone have that lightbulb moment where they realize that the grass is greener in the way that I show that how to do something and make an improvement either in their daily routine or movement.

I read once, years after I started my businesses in fitness, that life is about service. Service to other people and helping other people accomplish what they want; that's TRUE happiness. I couldn't have agreed more. Since starting personal training full time 13 years ago (2003), I have not looked back since. 

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