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Jessica Reyes

Published January 9, 2015

I have cleaned up my life and have started to eat clean in order to support
the exercise that I do but not body fat.

My body has muscles that I have NEVER seen before.. I am tighter and more
athletic. I can do handstands! How about hanging on a bar.. just hanging
there. Sounds easy? Try it! Double unders with a jump rope? I can do it
now.. Just got the balls up to jump onto a 24" box. I did it!! It was
amazing how having the support and drive pushes us to step outside of our
comfort zone. You can do it too!

I never miss a day.. Monday through Friday because I look forward to the
days "WOD" workout of the day. It helps me to start my day and feel great
all day long.

I've made great friends here at Paradigm and I can't imagine anything else
in the world that makes me healthier to be more fun than Crossfit.

Instructors/Owners Ronny & Melody keep their class sizes small enough that
you get individualized attention on everything. Have a question or you
just don't get it? Ask!! They will take the time to teach you proper
movements, lifts, mastering different techniques. We do a lot of hard work
in the gym but we also laugh a lot as well. Why not?

I have worked out with Ronny & Melody prior to them opening their dream
Crossfit gym and in total I have lost about 55 pounds.

The results do speak.


There is a cool hang out spot upstairs where you can stretch and hang out.

Bathroom is clean and updated since it is brand new. **They have deodorant,
lotion, etc. to use in the bathroom if you need it. (I always use their
lotion.. so good!)

Heat! They have a heater that heats the whole gym until you warm up.

Monthly Olympic Lifting classes led by Nick are great!

For the month of February (2/11/12) they are starting a weight loss
challenge "Spring Into Sexy" which lasts for 90 days. Its a body fat
challenge so all challengers are on an even playing field. Winner takes 3
months free Crossfit and paradigm prize pack. Runner up takes 1 month free
Crossfit. Just for being in the challenge you get to kick your own butt
and get 2 nutritional classes with paleo lunch served by Mel & Ronny.

***I also heard through the grapevine that they will be starting Crossfit
for Kids!!!

Where else can you have a HAPPY HOUR workout Friday nights for an hour then
after have a social with all your fellow Crossfitters? At Paradigm you can!

Check them out.. they have FREE Bring a Friend days (Preview days) where
you can see if Crossfit is something that you would like to do. You have
nothing to lose.

(Of course I am still very new to Crossfit and I do have so much more to
learn. I come everyday with the hopes that I am able to achieve something
new that I hadn't done before. Beat a WOD time, go faster, be stronger...
And if I don't then I know that "I rest and live to fight another day".

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