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Jaime Miller

Published January 9, 2015

In May of 2009, I was approached at the gym by Ronny Varghese shortly after
I busted a sweat on the eliptical machine (thinking I was getting a good
workout in). At that very moment, my real fitness journey began and my life
changed! I began training with Ronny... Not only was he my personal
trainer, but he became my personal nutritionist, and motivational coach! I
trained with him for two years and he helped me loose close to 70 lbs!!!!

Ronny and his wife Melody opened their own gym in the summer of 2011,
Paradigm CrossFit. I of course quickly signed up!

Since I have been CrossFit training, my body has changed in more ways that
I could ever imagine! Not only was I down pretty much an entire person, I
began to build muscle... muscle that I never knew I had. I have become
more stronger, athletic, motivated and challenged to do better each time I
step foot into the gym.

Ronny and Melody are wonderful and passionate trainers helping me
understand how to properly workout without injuries and encourages me to
push myself every time! They willingly share their expertise, make class
fun and challenging! The gym is clean and all the members are amazing
individuals who I love working out with!

Thanks to Ronny and Melody, my life has changed in more ways than one. I
have become to love the sport of CrossFit, passionate about fitness and

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