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Alex Mijares

Published January 9, 2015

Ronny literally changed my life, he is an awesome trainer. When I started
training with him about a year and a half a go I was a big mess. My eating
habits were as bad as it gets, but he helped me learn how to eat healthier
and make better choices on my food. He would also push me during our
training session and always inspired me to push beyond my limits. This
inspired me to take on a 5k, which I did on May 2009 and then was hooked to
running. I have also ran a few 10ks. One of the goals that I set for this
year was to run my first full and half marathon and I did it. I really want
to thank Ronny for pushing me and being such a great mentor through this
journey. I know that without his help i would not be able to accomplish
what I have done so far... and trust me this is coming from a couch potato
that, thought a donut and orange juice was a great breakfast. I would
highly recommend Paradigm Fitness if you want positive and supportive
people to help you achieve your goals.

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