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Meagan Weiss

Published January 9, 2015

I've tried out a lot of things over the years and have been to many gyms.
I've done personal training, all of the "intense" at-home programs (P90x,
Insanity), and distance running and cycling. Paradigm CrossFit has changed
my body and my life. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive here. I've not
only found a great way to stay in shape, but I am now part of what we all
call "Our Paradigm Family". I've made so many new friends and this was the
last thing I expected! If you're intimated by CrossFit or joining a new
gym, come check out Paradigm and see for yourself!

I started CrossFit 8 weeks after my daughter was born after a difficult
pregnancy and scary c-section. I was very nervous, out of shape,
overweight, and weak from complications from surgery. I walked into
Paradigm on my first day and immediately was welcomed by Ronny and Melody,
and the class. They put me at ease by telling me to just learn the
movements and correct form, and not to worry about my performance compared
to everyone else. They said the strength and improvements will come, but
just stay focused on getting everything correct first. I did exactly that
for the first 2 months. I then found that my strength was drastically
increasing and I was in better shape than before I got pregnant! I started
meeting with Melody about my nutrition around that time as well. Fast
forward to today, almost 7 months after I started. I've lost 62 pounds
since I had my daughter, and am in the best shape of my life. I'm smaller
than I was in high school, and I am a 36 year-old new mom!

The biggest compliment I have received was about a month ago before my best
friend's wedding. I was the Matron of Honor and got a spray tan right
before. The woman asked me if I was a figure competitor because of the
shape I'm in! I told her no, I'm just a new mommy that started CrossFit!

I know that as a new parent, trying to carve out time for yourself is very
difficult and many times is last on the list. The one hour I spend at
Paradigm every day gives me so much energy to tackle each day with my
daughter- even when I am on very little sleep! It really is worth it, even
for a brand new mom.

Again, my experience at Paradigm has changed my life and I cannot recommend
it enough. Definitely check it out!!

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