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Tim Good

Published January 9, 2015

Having never been a gym rat, or someone who exercised with any regularity
in the past because it was always too easy for me not to, I was looking for
a change. I needed something different than the typical gym experience.
Something different than endless rows of treadmills and elliptical machines
in a gym overloaded with people.

My wife and I had talked about finding a CrossFit gym for about a year, but
my schedule and the monthly membership price had been holding us back. I
won't lie, a CrossFit membership is not cheap, and it can be a barrier.

We took the plunge and decided to give it a shot in March of 2012, we'd
find a way to pay for it, because we decided that our health was worth it.
We initially chose Paradigm for it's proximity to my parents house, who
were going to be watching our 3-year old son a lot of the time.

Fast forward three and a half months into our membership and here we are.
I cannot put a price tag on what CrossFit has given me. Simply put I'm
hooked. I love the feeling I get when I step inside the box and see what
I'm going to be up against each day. That mix of fear, excitement,
anticipation and adrenaline. Knowing that Ronny and Melody are going to
push me to my limit, while making sure I'm doing it correctly has given me
a confidence to push further than I think I can, and be better than I think
I am.

Both Ronny and Melody have been fantastic in teaching the basics of the
various movements and ensuring that the movement is correct before allowing
anyone to move forward and pile on weight. Something I think that some
CrossFit gyms don't do and can give CrossFit a bad rap.

I've done things I've never imagined myself being able to do, and have seen
changes in my physique that I've always wanted. Melody puts it best when
talking about physique. If you focus on aesthetics then performance will
sometimes follow, but if you focus on performance, aesthetics will always
follow. She's right because I started out wanting to tone up and look
good, and if I got good at things that was great. However now all I care
about is improving my performance, because I know that when I do, the body
I want is sure to follow.

In conclusion, if you've been considering CrossFit, take the plunge, I can
promise you it will be worth it. If you're looking for a box (gym) that
you can join and not feel intimidated, Paradigm is your home, it really
feels like a family. All the fellow members are extremely supportive of
each other, encouraging and supporting one another. Pushing each other to
be better, faster and stronger than they were the day before. I cannot
recommend Paradigm CrossFit enough.

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