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Danielle Bickar

Published January 9, 2015

Here's my story in a nut shell:
Growing up i had always been the athletic "fat" girl, i played soccer for
13 years but was just bigger. When i was a junior and senior in high school
i started taking control watching what i ate and running. That gets old
real fast. I then signed up for a membership at 24 hour fitness where i re
connected with Ronny now owner of Paradigm. He Suggested i do personal
training, i was a little nervous and kept saying no, i don't know, maybe,
ill think about it, but Ronny wouldn't let that happen he said i have the
perfect person for you! I then decided OK fine ill give it a try. Ronny
then introduced me to Melody. This is when my 6 years journey with them
started :) Melody (also owner :) ) is an amazing trainer, training with her
at 24 opened my eyes to weights and how to combined that with cardio. I
trained with Melody for over 5 years on and off . I had moved to New york
where i didn't end up doing much weight lifting at all i had turned into
the typical "elliptical" at the gym type. Eventually i moved back and
immediately called Melody saying " I'm back lets train again!" I then
started training about 2 times a week. I still couldn't figure out how to
keep the weights apart of my routine when i wasn't working out with Melody.
I'm sure like myself the thoughts that run through your mind are, am i
going to look like a fool at the gym, people are watching me, look at all
the big muscle men and here i am grabbing a 10lb weight. That has always
been hard for me to get over. So the only time i would have any weight
lifting or weights in my workouts was when i trained. A few months passed
and Ronny and Melody mentioned that they were opening a boot camp and that
i should try that. It was cardio based and used body weight for the
workouts along with using our resources at the park. I gave that a try and
immediately saw a change. I could not run for more than 10 minutes when i
started and but the end of month 1 i could run for 45 minutes! I was
feeling good! Then sadly Mel and Ronny told me that they are no longer
having boot camp because they are going to open up their own CrossFit Gym,
um CROSSFIT i don't think so that stuff is crazy! They assured me that i
was crazy ;) i still said no thanks ill pass. The great thing about Ronny
and Mel is that they wont let u get away easy haha! I still kept saying no,
and went back into my "elliptical" routine maybe a zumba class here and
there, again dropping weights from my workouts. Melody always would shoot
me a text asking when am i going to join CrossFit? Again i said haha your
funny Mel that stuff is to crazy for me! then of course it was no no
Danielle you are the crazy one just join! i said no! Next time Mel text was
telling me about The CrossFit Regionals that she was competing in at the
fair grounds and that i should come check it out. i told her i will be
there to cheer her on! I arrived at the regionals and let me tell you i was
so impressed! The community that CrossFit has, the support that they all
give to each other even competitor to competitor. Watching everyone and
seeing what they do is just amazing! After the competition Mel walked me
around and introduced me to a few of her teammates and it was just an
awesome vibe. I would say not even a week later i was hounding them saying
OK OK I'm ready to join. A week later i signed up! First are the 3
foundation classes that i took with Ronny, I think this is awesome because
they really want to make sure that you have the basic movements down so you
don't injure yourself. Ronny explains things so easily and always made me
feel comfortable. The last day of foundations you are all set to start the
classes! Like good ol Ronny he says " so your staying for the 4 o'clock
class right?" UM sure. in my head head I'm thinking oh crap this is it I'm
actually starting CrossFit, eek! Class starts and I'm so nervous, but here
at Paradigm everyone makes you feel so welcome! People introduced
themselves to me i felt comfortable the whole time. After the first workout
i nearly died but in a good way. I left feeling like this was going to be
an awesome journey. The first month is the hardest you will be sore for
almost everyday :) but its such a great feeling! Now that i am about
7months in let me tell you i have never been so proud of myself. Coming to
Paradigm i never thought i could do the things that I'm doing now. I still
remember a conversation that Melody and i had when training at 24 doing the
bench press that one day ill be able to finally bench the bar (45lbs) by
myself with no help. Well since starting CrossFit i can bench 55-60! That
was a big day and to see the excitement on melodies face also just shows
how much they care! I am stronger than i have ever been and really am
feeling better than ever and Paradigm CrossFit is the reason!!! All the
trainers are amazing, i have made really great friends here, we are a
family! So don't wait as long as i did ;) GET IN HERE!

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