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Published January 9, 2015

Are you pregnant and wondering if you can and should do CrossFit? The
answer to both of these questions is yes. I am currently seven months
pregnant and I have been doing CrossFit for the last five months. I
exercised before I was pregnant and was advised by my doctor to continue.
She explained all of the health benefits for both mom and baby. Exercise
helps reduce pregnancy symptoms such as excessive weight gain, swelling,
back pain, gestational diabetes, etc. Being overweight, the biggest
concern from my doctor was controlling the amount and rate of my weight
gain during the pregnancy. The short story is that CrossFit ended up
offering me more than exercise and healthy eating advice. It has offered
me a community to stretch my limits as an athlete.

When I started CrossFit, I was not sure how much I would be able to do, but
I was willing to try. Ronny and Melody have been great at balancing
keeping me challenged and keeping me safe. Both owners/instructors push me
to try each new skill we learn and never let me use the "I'm pregnant"
card. The result is that I have had a lot of firsts while being pregnant.
I have learned how to do double-unders with a jump rope, handstands, box
jumps, and how to properly clean a bar. Not only does it feel great to
know I can do so much, but it's great to see how the physical lessons I
have learned at CrossFit benefit me both inside and outside the gym.
Learning how to properly support my frame and lower back while lifting
weights has translated into no pregnancy back pain. Ronny and Melody also
understand that there are certain activities, such as sit-ups, that while
pregnant I should not do. Ronny and Melody always have an alternate
activity for me to do in such cases. Also, there are some skills that I
cannot do fully. In this situation, they are able to provide multiple
regressed versions so I still benefit from the exercise.

I also found a community within Paradigm CrossFit. All members start at a
different level of strength and skill, but everyone has a common goal to be
healthy and improve. Because of this core focus, people cheer each other
on every day during workouts. It is great to witness someone's first
kipping pull up or handstand or watch someone set a new record for the
record board.

Are you a man or woman who isn't pregnant wondering if you can do
CrossFit? The answer is yes. If a pregnant woman can, so can you!!!

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