Published April 7, 2015

We will be doing hydrostatic bodyfat testing at Paradigm CrossFit.

What's hydrostatic bodyfat testing??

It's the most accurate way to measure bodyfat levels.While we always stress at CrossFit to increase performance, let's face it -we all want to try to look a little better NAKED, right???

Yea, I know. So
making sure you are taking the right steps forward are going to be key.

Who's this for?

Anyone who has lost some weight and wants to measure where they are at from previous tests. If you have never tested before, all the more reason to test. This will give you a baseline of where you are at
currently, and the next time Aeron from Fitness Wave comes around, you will be able to see where your lean body mass, fat mass, and total bodyfat percentage is at.

Who's this NOT for?

Well, if you are totally and completely happy with how you look, then this is not for you. If you don't care at all about the way you look and are more focused on performance, then this is also not for

Click the link below to register and pay to secure your time slot.

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