It's time for a little Sunday Funday at the park!

Published July 31, 2015

Hoover ball is played on a regular volleyball court / net. The rules of the game can be subjective to the group of people playing. The game is generally played like this:

- In teams of 2 to 5 on each side

- Use an 8lb Medicine Ball

- Teams have 3 "passes" on their own side before having to throw the ball OVER the net (contact of the net IS allowed) and try to hit the ground inside the court on the opposing team's side

- Each player is allowed to hold the ball up to 3 seconds, and can not run
with the ball - 2 steps max!

- Teams can only score points when they "serve" the ball - similarly to volleyball.

- Single points awarded only, pay to 11, win by 2.

- "Serving" the ball must take place somewhere on the backside of the court.

- Example :

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